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EduTours is a vehicle for you to observe the actions of non profits  working to reduce hunger and malnutrition in at risk populations. Travel with End World Hunger Foundation  to explore how innovative nonprofits support family farmers.

Discover Rwanda. 

​Sponsored by End World Hunger Foundation and Bon Marche Thrift Store Discover Rwanda. Meet their people, learn their history, see their animals, and enjoy the beauty of this volcanic country in East Central Africa.

Our EduTours are designed to give participants a one-of-a kind travel experience;
engaging with the people of Rwanda and spending time in their communities:


  • Spend a day on the farm of Gardens for Health outside the capital city of Kigali to

learn how this non-profit teaches nutrition and sustainable farming practices. Enjoy
a farm-to-table lunch together with staff, students, and their children. Attend their
training sessions in villages surrounding Musanze in northern Rwanda. Visit the
homes of community participants, see their gardens, and learn their techniques for
organic farming.


  • Visit museums in Kigali and in Butare and learn about Rwanda’s history, traditions,

and culture.


  • Hike in the pristine Nyungwe rainforest to see birds, waterfalls, and chimpanzees.

Optional tours include safari to Akagera Game Park and trek to see the Ruhengeri gorillas up close and personal. 

Your leaders are Anna Bimenyimana, born in Rwanda and owner of Bon Marche Thrift
Store in Sonoma CA and Cathy Webber, veteran international travel leader and board
member of End World Hunger Foundation.

End World Hunger Foundation and Bon Marche Thrift Store have supported Gardens for
Health for many years, as they teach and assist small holder farmers grow nutritional food
and provide a diverse diet for their families. We are excited to share their work with you.
Please join us for an amazing experience in Rwanda.

If you are interesting in participating please contact: 


​Cathy Webber

707 939 5016