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We RESEARCH. Our goal is to give to sustainable organizations focusing on ending hunger and child malnutrition. Our team conducts site visits in order to better understand the needs of the people. 

We PLAN. EWH Foundation plans events that highlight the issues of hunger and child malnutrition. Here you can come learn, meet local supporters and make your imprint on ending world hunger by 2030. 

We GIVE.  Here at EWH Foundation we make sure your money goes to a sustainable organization. 85% is donated directly to our partners, while the other 15% keeps us researching and you know your money is well spent!  


THE END WORLD HUNGER FOUNDATION supports nonprofits working to create food security in populations at-risk of hunger and malnutrition.

With our global partners we combat hunger and malnutrition through education, research, and fundraising. 

Join an edu tour!

EduTours is a vehicle for you to observe the actions of nonprofits  working to reduce hunger and malnutrition in at risk populations. Travel with End World Hunger Foundation to explore how innovative nonprofits support family farmers.

Next trip March 18-29, 2020 to Guatemala. Learn more HERE! 


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Sonoma Valley Community Health Center
Gardens for Health 
Founded in 2007, Gardens for Health International provides lasting agricultural solutions in Rwanda to chronic childhood malnutrition.  Working through health clinics, mothers and children are enrolled in educational programs which focus on nutrition, health, and the ability of families to grow a diversity of crops. 
The Gardens Edge
Founded in 2007, The Garden's Edge focuses on child malnutrition in Guatemala, diagnosing their health, and teaching families the value of food diversity, seed saving, and how to grow  their own gardens.  Their Mayan partner Qachuu Aloom has deep roots in growing traditional foods. 


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